What else to absorb in the land of tulips (difficult, difficult part III)

Alrighty… only a short week left until the show kicks off in Amsterdam, and it is time to finish the roadmap for my attendance. With so many good presentations to choose from it is worth giving some thought to the selection process (Matt Heusser has some good tips here). I dealt with the first couple of days here and here, so that leaves us with the second half:

I think my Wednesday will start off with Huib Schoots story about “Changing the Context” a 09:30. There are a lot of great papers and discussions about how to do testing and how to do it better, but some times it is a bit difficult to turn these ideas into your regular workflow. This sounds like a great example of how it was actually done. I definitely think this will provide some good insight to build upon.

10:45 One of my goals for this conference is to pick up some new tricks and get introduced to new ways of testing. I have never looked much in to formal Model Based Testing, so Olli-Pekka Puolitaivals presentation on Model-Based Testing for Integration Testing in Real Production with  sounds like an excellent opportunity to widen my horizons a bit.

11:45 Not sure about this one. All good candidates but none of them immediately jumped out at me. Wednesday will be a long day of presentations anyway. I might skip this one.

13:30 Henrik Emilsson is one of the creative minds behind The Test Eye. There is in general a lot of good writing coming from those guys and I have high expectations for his Henriks presentation on Crafting Our Own Models of Software Quality.

14:30 This one is a bit of a dilemma. Both Leveraging Defect Taxonomies for Testing with Michael Felderer and Map Your Way to Better Testing! with Graham Freeburn sounds very interesting. I think my plan is to go for introductions to many different topics that I can later research more, so Michael is probably the favourite at the moment as I am doing other mind mapping activities on Thursday.

15:45 Why Every System Test Department Should Have a Test Developer (Or Two…), Kristoffer Nordström.
Why? Because he asked me to 😛 … and I do believe in building a team of people with different skills, interests, and backgrounds. Some good stories and examples about this will surely be valuable.

Phew! At this time I expect my brain to be properly jam-packed with impressions, ideas and new insights. At the moment I’m a bit sad the conference is “only” four days, but as we get closer to the end I assume I will be appreciating the weekend closing in so I can let things sink in a bit more while I review my notes.

But before the well-earned rest we have to deal with Thursday:

As mentioned, I will attend the Mind Mapping Workshop with Fiona Charles in the afternoon. This leaves two choices to be made for the morning.

09:30 While I have never worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry I think there are some similarities to the environments I have been working in. More real life stories about how things are done sounds like a good idea for the last day. The first “winner” of the day is Testing Is Evolving. But Where Is The Evidence? with Andy Glover.

10:45 Evolve Design for Testability to the Next Level by Peter Zimmerer sounds like a great final presentation for the week, and should provide some good nuggets to bring home for further thought and discussion.

Somewhere in-between all this I hope to have some more and less serious, but all fun and interesting, discussions with old and new acquaintances. So if you happen to see a somewhat tall Norwegian slumped on a chair somewhere suffering from information overload, feel free to say hello 🙂

See you in Amsterdam next week.

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