Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen

One dark an stormy night in the end of January last year… well… at least I think it was a bit chilly… I arrived in Copenhagen for the very first international conference dedicated to Context-Driven Testing on Danish soil: CopenhagenContext. Arranged by the wonderful hosts Morten and Anette Hougaard it was drawing a good bunch of familiar names from the CDT community as well as a good few other happy and curious faces. In total I think we were in the vicinity of 50 people. Read more of this post

Time flies…

Our friends at WordPress was just just kind enough to remind me that it is three years since I started blogging… for what its worth…. and I guess, indirectly, asking where my next piece of prose is. Read more of this post

Any person off the street

Have you ever heard a programmer been instructed to write code that any randomly selected carpenter can immediately read and understand? Read more of this post

Golden Tweets #1

“The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of meeting the schedule is forgotten”

@dckismet (RT by @sdelesie)

The Game’s Afoot…

Ok, time to get this one off the ground (no ashcloud puns intended).

I somehow managed to stay oblivious to the plethora of testing related online communities and blogs for quite some time (This probably fits what’s generally refered to, in a slightly derogatory way, as “living under a rock”). I guess I could blame the university for not having any classes on testing, or the fact that I for many years was the only one in my organization working full-time on testing, but that wouldn’t change anything now would it? When it comes down to it we are all pretty much responsible for our own education.

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon some info about some test conference. I can’t recall which one it was but it opened my eyes for the information available, and books and blogs on various topics soon followed. One common thing for those who gave advice on how to expand your education was that many of them suggested blogging and engaging in discussions on the online forums. Not really a revolutionary idea in retrospect, but it is amazing how shortsighted one can be at times. Some times it really helps being reminded about the totally obvious.

So here we are, after quite a bit of lurking on the Intertubes I have my own blog 🙂
Now; registering a blog on WordPress.com is pretty easy. Coming up with something to fill it with can prove a little bit more challenging. Just as Shmuel Gershon wrote in his first post back in 2007 I have done my share of procrastination;

“I began making a list of topics that would interest you and me, even drafted a handfull of posts(!) — and waited for the next-week/next-month/next-round-date to start publishing text. The angels of procrastination as guiding star…”

But finally, I finished that first post!
Now off to collect thoughts, ideas, knowledge… and dust bunnies.