What else to absorb in the land of tulips (difficult, difficult part III)

Alrighty… only a short week left until the show kicks off in Amsterdam, and it is time to finish the roadmap for my attendance. With so many good presentations to choose from it is worth giving some thought to the selection process (Matt Heusser has some good tips here). I dealt with the first couple of days here and here, so that leaves us with the second half: Read more of this post

What will I do in Amsterdam? (difficult, difficult, part II)

As mentioned in the previous post deciding to go to a conference like EuroSTAR 2012 is only part of the decision process. There are so many presentations and workshops to choose from that you quickly start feeling like a kid in a candy store; what to go at first? Read more of this post

Difficult, difficult, lemon difficult

After convincing myself to invest in a trip to Amsterdam (for EuroSTAR 2012) I thought the hard decisions were made… then I was faced with the task of actually deciding what tutorials and presentations to attend. As Simon Foster so eloquently put it in the movie In the Loop: difficult, difficult, lemon difficult.

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Monkey business

Testing, depending on who you ask, can be a lot of things. From mindlessly following the detailed instructions written by someone else (perhaps years ago, for a totally different version of the product), to the challenging, inspiring task of using your intellect to gather information through exploration of a product or project, and all sorts of shades in-between. Is any one approach more correct or valid than the other? Read more of this post

Any person off the street

Have you ever heard a programmer been instructed to write code that any randomly selected carpenter can immediately read and understand? Read more of this post

The Annual Update

I’m pretty sure the intention was to update this blog a bit more often than once a year, I guess there is some truth to the saying “time flies when you’re having fun”. Read more of this post

Happy New Year?

Being made redundant is probably not really high on the top ten list of good ways to start the new year for most people. I certainly didn’t plan to, but I guess it beats getting the boot just before the Christmas holidays. Read more of this post