The reeducation of a lousy tester

Having focused way too much over the years on the technology I’ve been testing instead of on the craft of testing itself, I have found myself with quite a lot of catching-up to do. Do I really think I’m a lousy tester? No, but when one compare himself to those people on my link-list over there on the right-hand side I guess more than me might feel a bit intimidated. As always, it’s all about context.

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Are you certifiable?

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A few days ago, after just reading a bunch of blogs (and comments) on the perceived issues with the quality/content of the currently available certifications, I became aware of a posting in the LinkedIn group Software Testing and Quality Assurance. It was from a recruiter who had a ready-made shortlist of 50+ ISEB and ISTQB certified testers. The list was the result of a job he had done for a major Indian BPO looking to hire people to work in the UK.

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